"From Family Legacy to Fashion Artistry: My Journey as a Passionate Artist"

"From Family Legacy to Fashion Artistry: My Journey as a Passionate Artist"

This week, we are going to learn more about our Amsterdam- based fashion artist, Astrid X Vos.


FALC: Can you tell us about your background and journey as a fashion artist? What led you to pursue a career in this field?

Vos: From a young age, I had a natural inclination towards drawing and a keen interest in fashion. It seemed like destiny to pursue a career in this field, especially considering that it runs in my family. Notably, Hubert Vos, my great grand uncle and a renowned artist, even made a portrait of Empress Cixi of the Qing Dynasty. This familial connection and my passion for fashion further fueled my desire to become a fashion artist.



FALC: How would you describe your artistic style? What influences and inspirations contribute to your unique creative vision?

Vos: My artistic style can be described as a free style that incorporates mixed materials. It is direct and has a flair to it. I enjoy working live, as it allows for a high level of concentration and immediate results. My inspirations come from various sources, such as new faces, colors, music, movies, and art. I find that immersing myself in these different forms of creativity helps fuel my unique creative vision.

FALC: How do you stay current with emerging fashion trends and styles while also maintaining your own signature aesthetic?

Vos: Always follow your instinct and dare to explore other aesthetics.

FALC: Walk us through your creative process. How do you approach a new project or assignment? How do you translate ideas and concepts into visual representations?

Vos: My creative process is a slow and deliberate one. When approaching a new project or assignment, I first take the time to learn and develop the necessary skills. I believe that creativity comes from within, so I make sure to listen to my inner voice throughout the process.

FALC: Do you have any challenges through your artistic journey, and how did you overcome them?

Vos: Never be afraid to trust your guts!

FALC: How do you handle constructive criticism or feedback on your artwork?

Vos: Donald Robertson once said two things: "It doesn't need to be perfect but give it an edge" and "PAINT!!!" He knows! For me, these two guidelines were very important.

FALC: Have you ever had to make sacrifices in your creative vision to meet a client's needs? If so, how did you navigate that situation?

Vos: For more than 30 years, I worked in the commercial world for advertising agencies. You have to translate what a client wants into art, and sometimes the client wants to change the outcome. It's part of the creative process.



FALC: What do you hope to achieve in your career as a fashion artist, and how do you plan to continue growing and evolving creatively in the years to come?

Vos: I hope to work worldwide, creating art for special occasions such as fashion events, high-end brands, red carpets, and special weddings. I want to make portraits on the spot to create the best art. In the years to come, I plan to continue growing and evolving creatively by seeking new opportunities, experimenting with different techniques, and staying updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Astrid X Vos Profile

Astrid X Vos is an Amsterdam-based highly talented fashion illustrator, As a young child she was already drawing and interested in fashion and she saw art as her destiny as it runs in the family. Her great grand uncle, Hubert Vos was the 1st male painter who made a portrait of Empress Cixi of the Qing Dynasty in the Forbidden city.

After studying at the art academy in Arnhem and working in Paris for several years, Astrid returned to Amsterdam and began working as a draftsman for various advertising agencies. However, she soon realized that her true passion was fashion, and she began posting her illustrations on Instagram in 2016.

Astrid's work quickly caught the attention of top fashion designers, makeup artists, and models, who began reposting her illustrations on their own social media accounts. Her popularity continued to grow, and she was soon booked by L'Oréal Paris for Paris Fashion Week, where she drew the beauty looks of models backstage. Since then, Astrid has worked at live events and for brands in cities around the world, including Chicago, LA, Mexico, Paris, Sweden, and many places in Italy.

Today, Astrid X Vos is considered one of the most influential fashion artists, and her work continues to be in high demand by top fashion brands and designers. She remains committed to her art and continues to push the boundaries of fashion & portrait art with her elegant and expressive style.

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