"From FIT Fashion Design Graduate to Fashion Artist: Mannie Chung's Creative Journey"

"From FIT Fashion Design Graduate to Fashion Artist: Mannie Chung's Creative Journey"

This month, we are going to learn more about our Hong Kong-based fashion artist, Mannie Chung


Can you tell us about your background and journey as a fashion artist? What led you to pursue a career in this field?

Mannie: I embarked on my fashion journey as a designer after completing my studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Having been deeply immersed in the industry, I have gained valuable experience in various aspects.

After spending years creating collections and adhering to strict timelines and deadlines, I find myself questioning if this is truly what I want to pursue. While I love fashion design as an art form, the fast-paced nature of the industry and its commercial aspects have caused me to lose touch with my artistic expression. Amidst the pandemic, I long to take a step back and immerse myself in a project that allows me to authentically showcase my creativity and originality.

In 2021, I believe it is the perfect moment to pave my own path and return to my roots as an illustrator. I am eager to elevate my artistry to new heights and embark on a fulfilling career in illustration.


 Mannie, a fashion designer, began her career after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.


How would you describe your artistic style? What influences and inspirations contribute to your unique creative vision?

Mannie: My creative inspiration primarily comes from various fashion exhibitions and attitudes towards life. My aesthetic never lacks a sense of fashion, exuding a fashionable element with an abstract touch. My style doesn't lean towards overly intricate or meticulous techniques.


Can you share some examples of your previous work or projects? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Mannie: Working on uniform design for a popular jewellery brand has its challenges, but by communicating effectively with clients, we can find solutions to any issues that arise.


Hong Kong-based Fashion Artist, Manni Chung.


Are there any specific techniques, mediums, or software that you specialize in or prefer to work with? How do these tools enhance your artistic process?

Mannie: I primarily use watercolour, markers, pastels, and pencils for my drawings, and I also create digital art using Procreate.

Mannie Chung's latest artistic approach.

How do you handle constructive criticism or feedback on your artwork? Can you share an example of a situation where feedback helped you grow as an artist?

Mannie: I truly value feedback and always make sure to express my appreciation for it. There are times when I may overlook certain aspects or have blind spots, but I take these opportunities to reflect on how I can align them with my artistic vision or techniques.


Have you ever had to make sacrifices in your creative vision to meet a client's needs? If so, how did you navigate that situation?

Mannie: During my design period, this situation always occurs. We have to take into account the advice of the buying teams since the numbers validate everything (even if I don't always agree). However, our ultimate goal is to achieve a favourable outcome and ensure marketability.


What do you hope to achieve in your career as a fashion artist, and how do you plan to continue growing and evolving creatively in the years to come?

Mannie: I am looking forward to the future, where I anticipate having more chances to work together with commercial entities like galleries. Teaching students about fashion design concepts, fashion illustration, and doll dress making also helped me nurture my creativity.  Additionally, I aspire to showcase my artwork in diverse ways, such as licensing it for merchandise or exploring different avenues of expression in the market.


Mannie's Fashion design and illustration coursework.


Mannie Chung is a highly versatile and talented fashion illustrator, based in Hong Kong, who is known for her unique artistic vision and ability to create captivating illustrations that bring fashion to life. Her fashion journey began when she studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she honed her skills in design and illustration. After working in the fashion industry for some time, Mannie decided to take a different path and pursue a career in fashion illustration. She wanted to unleash her creativity and explore the world of fashion from a different angle. Mannie's illustrations are known for their unique perspective and the way they capture the essence of fashion collections.

In addition to her work in fashion illustration, Mannie has also served as a chief designer for various companies, where she oversaw the entire design process and worked closely with clients and team members to ensure that each project met their specific needs. This experience has allowed her to deepen her understanding of the fashion industry and gain a unique perspective on the design process.

Today, Mannie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with others, and she teaches illustration classes to both adults and children. She also works on various fashion design projects with different brands, including collaborations with overseas fashion brands to create illustrations that capture the essence of their collections. Mannie's work has gained recognition and praise from top fashion brands and designers, and her unique artistic vision continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

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